Conveyor chains

Conveyor chains can be seen as a family-name for a wide variety of chains.
We can divide this group into three types:

  •  Table Top Chains
  •  Gripper Chains
  •  Crate Conveyor Chains

Table Top Chains

This group is very large, suitable for conveying products like glass, crates, paper, cardboard, PET, tins, aluminum etc.
Independent of your specific application, we meet your requirements and can deliver from stock.
Are you looking for chains made of Acetal, Kevlar reinforced Acetal, Polyamide, Antistatic Acetal?
As well of hardened Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Cr-Ni Austenitic Stainless Steel etc.
Polyketting is the company for you!  For further questions, please contact our Sales Department.

Gripper Chains

Gripper chains are designed to gently pinch products and are used in applications like:

  • Elevators
  • Lowerators
  • Horizontal transfers
  • Rinsers

All kind of series and designs:

  • Plastic or metal base plate
  • Steel or stainless steel base chain
  • Different types of grippers
  • Different lengths of grippers

The materials of the grippers could be:

  •  Neoprene rubber 60ShA
  •  Thermoplastic rubber 45ShA
  •  HF Thermoplastic rubber 70ShAent


Crate Conveyor Chains

Crate Conveyor Chains are available in various versions:
Plastic Acetal

  • Pitch 63,5 mm
  • Pitch 82,5 mm

With and without TAB's for curves
Closed surface
Cast Iron

  • Pitch 63,5 mm
  • With and without TAB's for curves


During operation these chains are quiet, virtually maintenance free (no need for lubrication).
They offer maximum hygiene advantage and good chemical resistance with minimal moisture absorption.
The material exhibits excellent resistance to wear. Recommended temperature range: (-40°C to +90°C)