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About us


Polyketting started in the west of The Netherlands (The Hague) in 1956, trading in transmission chains & sprockets for the Jawa motor cycle. Over the years, the portfolio was gradually expanded with conveyor chains, rollers and other parts. In the following decades we progressed step by step towards our ultimate goal:

  •     70's : In the early 70's we started to make complete conveyors, expecially for the Dairy industry
  •     80's : In the 80's we gradually expanded more and more into the conveyor technology; complete projects in the Food & Dairy industry
  •     90's : Market introduction of the first horizontal First-in-First-out (FiFo) accumulation table (Gerber Foods)
  •     00's : In-house manufacturing (self supporting supply chain) & software engineering
  •     10's : Being aware of who we are and what we do best, focus on that and improve every day



To know our company you need to know why we do the things we do. After that, how we do it and finally what we do it with.

WHY: We want to participate in creating the highest possible effectiveness in our customers production line
HOW: By using our knowledge and expertise in accumulation and conveying technology
WHAT: We product reliable systems to streamline the production flow in high demanding industries